Radios for Hams Program

What is this Program?

We are giving radios to new hams who may need help obtaining one. The idea was started as a way to honor a silent key, Ted Leonard, W3VG, who was dedicated to helping other ham radio operators in the region. He was passionate about ham radio and was always willing to help another ham. He taught licensing classes in the area and mentored multiple new hams.

How to Help

One way to help is to donate new or working used radios (must include an antenna, battery, and charger). Another way you can help is to purchase a radio off of our Amazon wish list. You may also purchase the radio(s) elsewhere and send or give them to Tyler, N3TDM. The primary radios we are asking for are the Baofeng UV-82L and the Baofeng UV-5R radios as they’re cheap and work well.

Getting a Radio

  • You must be a newly licensed ham holding a technician class license or greater.
  • You must be living in or around McKean County, PA, or have been licensed through a technician licensing class hosted in McKean County, PA.
  • You must attend a short training session on how to use the radio.

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