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AllStar Link

An AllStar Link / EchoLink node.

What is AllStar Link and EchoLink?

AllStar Link and EchoLink are voice-over-IP services for Amateur Radio. They both connect repeaters, hotspots, and users to each other through the internet using analog FM for the radio links (at least this node does). Both systems provide means for hubs or conference servers to connect many stations together at once.

Node Information

Frequency Info

Frequency: 146.5800 Mhz – Simplex

Tone/PL: 173.8 Hz   –   You must transmit the 173.8 Hz tone in order to access this node.

Node Numbers

AllStar Link W3VG Node #: 56591

EchoLink W3VG-L Node #: 855981


To Be Determined


  1. AllStar Link Incoming & Outgoing Connections
  2. EchoLink Incoming & Outgoing Connections
  3. Weather Alerts from the National Weather Service
    1. Active weather alerts are read in a tail message at the end of node transmissions at a 3 minute interval
    2. Read on demand by sending DTMF:  *882
  4. Scheduled nets
    1. If you want a net scheduled, send me a message via the contact us page.

Net Schedule

  • Boredom Breakers Net – Wednesdays at 1 – 2:00PM (Net runs 1-4:00PM EST with different Net Control Stations each hour)

Using the Node

You may use the following methods to use or connect to the node:

Radio Method

Use a radio on 146.5800 Mhz with a PL of 173.8 Hz. Use the DTMF Commands below to connect/disconnect and control the node.

TIP: EchoLink node #’s must be padded to six digits. To connect to EchoLink node # 9999, enter DTMF: *33009999

DTMF Commands

Disconnect Specific Node
*1 + node #
Connect to Specific Node
*3 + node #
Connect to EchoLink Node
*33 + six-digit node #
System Status
Weather Info
Disconnect ALL Links
Reconnect Previously Disconnected Links
Read Local Weather Alert Titles


Internet Method via EchoLink

  • Use the EchoLink app on your smartphone, Mac, or PC and connect to node W3VG-L or node #: 855981
  • Use another EchoLink enabled Simplex or Repeater node to connect to W3VG-L or node #: 855981

If you choose this method you will need to install and setup EchoLink on your device and if it is the first time you have used EchoLink, you will need to verify your callsign with them.

EchoLink Download Links

iOS / iPad
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